Alice Power Tools

Alice Power Tools brings proper system administration to Alfresco.
Alice is built on 9 years of experience in administering, customizing and extending Alfresco. Alice is what we created to use ourselves to enable us to serve our customers properly.
Now you can build on our experience by using Alice to manage your Alfresco repository.

Alice runs as a backend repository module. It works in both Community and Enterprise editions of Alfresco. It is not dependent on Share.

Pleae find a full description of Alice Power Tools on the Alfresco Power Tools product description page.

Alice Power Tools features:

  • Node browser with edit and delete
  • Integrated GroovyRunner
  • Integrated Shell
  • Integrated SQL console
  • ActiveMQ
  • Log levels
  • Threads
  • Solr status
  • Global properties
  • System properties
  • Scheduled jobs
  • System environment
  • Subsystems
  • Memory statistics
  • Content model management
  • Activiti workflow management
  • Bulk import from file system
  • Prometheus monitoring