Alice Power Tools

Alice Power Tools brings proper system administration to Alfresco.
Alice is built on 9 years of experience in administering, customizing and extending Alfresco. Alice is what we created to use ourselves to enable us to serve our customers properly.
Alice runs as a repository module. It works in both Community and Enterprise editions of Alfresco. It is not dependent on Share.
We have created a Node Browser that not only lets you browse the entire repository, but also allows you to make modifications and fix problems. It allows you to:
  • Delete any node (for example, an incorrect thumbnail or preview)
  • Modify and delete any property
  • Add and remove any aspect
Ever wondered if a setting you did was actually used by Alfresco?
A small typo in will be silently ignored as you may have discovered.
Now you can easily read all global properties (did you know there are over 1,000 properties?), the system environment, and the system properties.
Alice Power Tools shows you:
  • All global properties
  • All system environment settings
  • All system properties
  • All AMPs (Alfresco Module Packages)
  • All ActiveMQ queues
View a complete list of threads in Alfresco, and set the priority of any thread.
Alfresco runs a lot of scheduled jobs (a standard Alfresco 5.0 has 23 of them). They perform all kinds of jobs such as content store cleaning, LDAP sync, activity feed generation and Solr backups.
Alice Power Tools gives you an overview of all scheduled jobs (also the ones in subsystems) with their schedule and the time they will run next.
Alice Power Tools even allows you to start a scheduled job manually.
Alice Power Tools makes Actitiviti workflow management a lot quicker and easier. No more silly commandline-in-a-browser console:
  • Upload workflow definitions
  • Show the deployment history of the workflow definitions
  • Upload the associated content models
  • Show the history of processes, tasks, task variables
  • Show, modify process and task variables
  • Show associated resources (such as a workflow definition diagram)
  • Complete tasks
This module allows you to monitor the Solr tracker, see which transaction was last processed, how far the index is behind and how much time it will take before the index is up-to-date.
Browse the entire content model and upload new models. This helps in understanding the current model as well as developing new metadata and workflow models.
Alfresco has a comprehensive logging system, with around 1800 individual packages on which a separate log level can be set. When a problem occurs, you will want to be able to enable more detailed logging on the problem area without restarting the system, which is exactly what this module offers. You can browse and search through all the packages, and change loglevels immediately.
Alfresco is a complex application. A simple CPU load or memory monitor simply does not provide enough information to effectively manage and tune Alfresco. That's why we created a Prometheus module in Alice Power Tools. With this module you get both the 'normal' metrics and metrics that are collected from inside the application. This yields a detailed insight in how the application is used and how it's performing.

The Alice Power Tools Prometheus module offers four types of in-process instrumentation:
  • Public services (intercepts any public service, can be switched on and off at runtime)
  • Transactions
  • Periodic statistics (Solr, tasks, users, etc.)
  • Java metrics
Alfresco has a lot of subsystems (Alfresco 5.0 ships with 22 subsystems). Each subsystem can be started, stopped, and all properties of each subsystem can be modified at runtime.
Alice Power Tools offers 2 consoles for quick access to backend services:
  • An OS console (a Linux bash shell or a Windows cmd shell depending on your server OS)
  • An SQL console
Both offer through-the-browser access, without the need for additional tools.
The import module allows you to bulk-import a tree of documents. The importer features a queued, throttled approach which allows for tuning of the import process, e.g. you can decide how many resources you want to dedicate to the import process.
The import handles transactions properly, so you will not have one large unmanagable transaction in your system.
Imported files are backdated to their original creation date and creator/owner information is used to set owner information in Alfresco, so everything looks exactly like it did on the filesystem.
Ever had a bad crash, restore, or upgrade? It is not easy to ascertain that your Alfresco repository is in good health.
The Alice Power Tools integrity check scans the entire repository to make sure:
  • All .bin files are present
  • All nodes are searchable
  • All nodes have valid metadata
  • All ACL's are consistent