CMIS Navigator

CMIS Navigator is a Python/GTK based desktop client for CMIS repositories.

It allows you to:

  • Drag and drop files and folder from and to Nautilus and from and to itself
  • Check in, check out, edit
  • Download files for viewing
  • View and edit metadata


Opening screen


Context menu

Edit metadata



This code has not been extensively tested (yet). We welcome any feedback and help.


Download the CMIS Navigator tarball from the link on the right. Or get it from github.

Installing and configuring

unpack the tarball in /opt or copy the contents from the github src folder to /opt/navigator

edit /opt/navigator/navigator.cfg, or create a copy in ~/.navigator.cfg

By default navigator.cfg points to a folder in Alfresco's CMIS test repository.

Run /opt/navigator/navigator


CMIS Navigator is written in Python using PyGTK (it uses GTK). You can run it on Windows if you have the appropriate libraries installed. There is a problem with drag and drop under Windows, please see the issue tracker on github. I am not a Windows user, and I have very little experience using Python/GTK on Windows. Any help to make CMIS Navigator run under Windows is welcome.