Dialog plugin for Grails

What is it?

The dialog plugin provides an easy to setup and maintain framework for CRUD operations with Grails.
We found the scaffolding in Grails great, but the generated code is hard to maintain. By moving all the repetitive coding away from controllers and views, we brought the code that needs to be maintained in controllers and views to an absolute minimum. At the same time, we leveraged jQuery UI, jQuery datatables, Twitter Bootstrap, CKEditor and CodeMirror to provide a better user experience with dialog boxes, ajax-driven lists, master-detail views, tabs, hover help etc.


  • Dialogs for creating and editing domain objects, with support for basic datatypes, 1:n and n:m relations and file attachments. Dialogs contain forms that can be organized in tabs, and can contain detail lists.
  • Taglib that allows most common input types to be defined in a single tag. Support for dates, autocomplete lists, domain object references, CKEditor html areas, CodeMirror html areas etc.
  • Backend services that allow most CRUD actions to become a one-line in the controller.
  • Dialogs for other purposes using command objects
  • List view of domain objects, a query, or 'something' provided by an api

The dialog plugin consists of:
  • Dialog services and list service
  • A generic list gsp
  • A taglib for dialogs
  • A helper Javascript library
The Dialog plugin for Grails provides a rich, extendable alternative for scaffolding.
It allows you to quickly build  an administrative user interface or even a complete application user interface.


As a screenshot says more than words, here they are: